Nocs NS2 Air Monitors


Designed in Stockholm, Sweden, with a contemporary mindset of minimalistic design, the Nocs NS2 Air Monitors are a set of Active speakers with AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your Mac, PC, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Turn your device into the ultimate music experience and enjoy the powerful sound from the NS2. 

Are you tired of the built-in laptop speakers or the poor audio from the dock speaker you bought that doesn't deliver? Or are you going crazy from all the cables running back and forth in your home or at your office? Are you looking for a hi-fi quality solution in a robust package? The NS2 delivers that, and more. Each component, from the hand-crafted rubber-coated cabinets to the 3" Kevlar-reinforced woofers and 3/4" silk dome tweeters, has been carefully designed to offer an exceptional blend of sound and durability.

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