SwitchEasy Odyssey iPhone 6 Case

Your needs are simple: a case that protects your phone, is easy to put on and take off, looks good, and allows you to your iPhone 6. Your wish is our command with the SwitchEasy Odyssey case. With SwitchEasy's unique H-FRAME design and our soft TPU anti-slip design, you are assured a good grip to your beloved phone. It also slips into your pocket well while protecting your phone from lint and dust.

You may be practical, but you also appreciate artful style. Odyssey gives you both with its choice of colors, soft but strong, and with multiple color combinations. It just feels good in your hand, too… an added bonus. You protect what you love, right? That includes your new iPhone 6. SwitchEasy designed the Odyssey to safeguard your new love. Connector ports have pop-out integrated protectors which is a real differentiator. In addition, all impact points are safeguarded with the super lightweight polycarbonate H-Frame. Even with all that protection, you get an incredible grip due to the textured back panels, which are unique to Odyssey. It’s the ultimate hard case with a soft heart.

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