Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone 6


The Spigen Neo Hybrid is a slim case made for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and form fitted to show the perfect shape of its rounded edge design. It's made from a combination of advanced shock absorbing black colored TPU material that's anti-fingerprint and features a finely textured grip pattern on its back.  

Outlined by a strikingly beautiful polycarbonate outer bumper frame, the dual-layer construction of the Neo Hybrid was developed to provide iPhone 6 users with enhanced drop and scratch protection without the unnecessary bulk. The Neo Hybrid case for the iPhone 6 also features slick metalized polycarbonate control buttons for a stylish look. It's available in 7 different colored frames from solid vibrant red and yellow to metallic colors like silver, champagne gold and Space Gray.


If you're looking for a more classier case that can match the build quality of the iPhone 6 a little more, the Neo Hybrid Metal case is a similarly designed case but replaces the plastic frame of the Neo Hybrid with a chamfered-finished aluminum frame. In addition, the Neo Hybrid Metal also compliments the iPhone 6 with a round Apple logo cutout.

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