The Gear Grid is a digital collection magazine featuring the latest and best curated gadgets and gear out there. We work hard to research every single newly released product on the market in order to bring it to your attention through a clean, organized magazine-like layout. And always including the best possible deals. The Gear Grid is here to help you find the best gear that you may be looking for. Even that cool gift you never knew existed. We scour so you don't have to. Our ultimate goal is to make The GearGrid your number one source for discovering the latest and greatest tech gear.


A little about how we score products added to The Gear Grid:

Any product that is added to The Grid is accompanied by an overall score. We use multiple respected sources, including our own personal experience to come up with an overall rating for each product based on customer reviews as well as professional reviews from sites like,, – as well as other well respected publications that have given their honest and professional opinion on some of the best gear you would find featured on The Gear Grid. Any recent, brand new gear added to The Grid by our team is ultimately updated accordingly with an overall final score after we verify its performance with multiple credible sources.

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